Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Wink community! Our goal is to create the best place to make new friends online. Let’s work together to make Wink safe, clean, and full of respectful people. We have rules about the content we can or can’t post on Wink and the ways we treat our new friends. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your content being removed, or your account being permanently banned from the Wink community, with or without warning.

Our approach to safety

Wink is your place to make new friends from around the world. Anyone who is misusing Wink is subject to losing access to the platform.

Be Yourself

We take fake profiles (aka catfishing) very seriously. Do not upload photos to your profile that are not of you or that you do not have permission to use. Please consider applying for profile verification to show other users that you are the real deal!

Wink photo guidelines

No photos in underwear

No mirror selfies

No photos in bikinis / swimwear indoors

No pornographic material

No Snapcodes or Snap usernames

No solicitation or marketplace activity

No suggestive / inappropriate situations or text

Face must be clearly visible in at least one photo

No drugs

No graphic hunting photos

No gory or graphic images

No guns or weapons

Respect everyone, always

Don’t do anything illegal on wink

No soliciting

Report suspicious activity

Help us

Submit a

Please contact us with any additional questions or feedback you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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