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Tired of swiping on other apps? Welcome to Wink-meet people that are looking for the same kind of relationship as you.



Welcome to Wink, where connections go beyond the swipe! Wink is not just about finding someone; it’s about finding the right vibe. In the world of Wink, we embrace the power of Vibes.



Whether you’re looking for fun tonight, a date for that wedding next summer, or a friend for life, Vibes allow you to express exactly what you’re looking for. Your profile displays your Vibe at the forefront, making it easier than ever to match with people looking for the same thing. At Wink, we believe that when your Vibes align, magic happens.

Express yourself

Use your Wink profile to express yourself and make a great first impression! You can add up to 6 photos of yourself, add a bio that explains more about who you are, add your unique interests, record a voice intro, and choose your own Vibes!

Expand your network

Discover meaningful friendships, exciting relationships, or casual connections – where your vibe finds its perfect match! On Wink, you can connect with so many people you have things in common with. Start swiping to meet them!

Stay safe

Wink is intended to be used for making new friends from all over the world to add and chat with. Our team at Wink is very passionate about making this the best and safest app to make you feel more connected.

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Wink-Dating & Friends